Book Review.An Unwanted Guest – Shari Lapena.4/5.A group of people trapped…

Book Review
An Unwanted Guest – Shari Lapena

A group of people were trapped in a secluded hotel and murdered!

Well, this is my perfect combination of ideas. . I don’t want to say too much, just in case I give up anything! Fans of murder mystery should check it out, and there is even a reference book by Hercule Poirot! .

I have many characters, about twelve, I hope this will cause confusion, but I was wrong. Although it took a while for me to understand who everyone is. .

Most of my books don’t know who the murder will be. Like any good murder mystery, I can see why almost everyone can do it.

I didn’t manage to solve it until the end, but I didn’t put forward reasoning! . Overall, this is an excellent murder mystery, and I strongly recommend it. I now plan to read more Shari Lapena’s books.
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