Big book intimidation! . Is there a series of books you want to read but are ver…

Big book intimidation!
Is there a series of books you want to read but are very intimidated by?
For me that series is A Song of Ice and Fire! It’s got quite a few books in the series and they’re all massive! I watched the Game of Thrones tv show and loved the world and the characters so I really do want to give the books a chance but I just feel like I’ll be reading them for ever!
Have you read this series? What were your thoughts?

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  1. Same! I started the Wheel of Time because I wanted to read it before the Amazon Prime series came out…. I love it, but there’s a lot of books. I have to read different things in between books, or it feels like climbing Everest 😂

  2. I have just one book left and I’ve loved them all – you get so much more from the books than the tv adaptation (although I loved the TV series too) I know they’re big buggers I feel the same about TLotR but they are worth the read and I found once you got going they didn’t take half as much time as I thought to read!

  3. I have read the series. They don’t seem long once you get into them. I read them before I watched the series and I didn’t like where they went with it. I prefer the books. I’m really wanting to next book to be released as GRR! Martin keeps putting it off.

  4. I enjoyed reading them. Theres a few differences from the tv show you will see. I wish George would release the next book in the series as I am sure things will be different to the tv show

  5. Definitely give it a go! I took my time and read a lot of others inbetween, but its excellent and after the second book it gets quite different to the show. The first book is very much the same though. 😊

  6. I started reading ASOIAF and stopped for whatever reason (probably exams lol). I found the first two books and a half super enjoyable and fast! 🖤 I’m really intimidated by anything by Sanderson but I’m going to start from Mistborn hopefully this month

  7. You have perfectly summed it up. I too love the show, own all the books but I’m intimidated to start reading them…haha! I feel like it’s a massive commitment 🤭💯📚🖤

  8. I’m reading Game of Thrones (with intentions on reading the full series), and it’s taking me FOREVER because I keep getting intimidated by how big the book is and then reading something else instead. I’m about half way through and it’s taken me about a month 🤣

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